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When things go wrong: being honest about technology (Sponsored by TEAM Software)
That technology has the potential to revolutionise security is not in doubt, and previous webinars are testament to the fact that it has already done so. So too though, we have learnt that things go wrong. In this webinar rather than re-iterate all that is good we explore the problems that result from technology not working optimally or failing altogether. We will explore issues such as (the lack of) skill development; faulty buying processes and purchasing errors; user error/poor practices; poor specification; installation weaknesses; managing the insider threat; design errors. If we are to better understand how we can improve technology we need to engage with the much more avoided topic of why it doesn’t work. This webinar will discuss:

- What are the reasons why security technologies sometimes don’t work?
- What we can learn from current weaknesses; what are the routes to better practices?
- Confronting rogues: what can be done?

Jill Davie – President, TEAM Software (US)
Simon Giles – Group Finance Director & Chief Operating Officer at Axis Group Integrated Services Ltd (UK)
Eddie Sorrells – Chief Operating Officer/General Counsel, DSI Security Services (US)
Jeff Chludzinski – CFO, First Coast Security (US)

Aug 20, 2020 03:30 PM in London

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