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Provenance of Pinot Noir – drivers of regionality
A large scale research project studying the differences between wine regions and the effect of provenance in Pinot Noir has been in progress over three years. The project included intensive scientific and sensory benchmarking of Australian (and some non-Australian) Pinot Noir wines (phenolics, aroma matrix analysis, pivot profile sensory analysis) and documentation and interpretation of site, soil and climate factors and production practices across the supply chain for Australian wines to describe triple bottom line metrics for traceability and terroir.

Oct 15, 2020 11:30 AM in Adelaide

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Dr Fiona Kerslake
Head of Horticulture @Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture
Dr Fiona Kerslake is Head of Horticulture at the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture (TIA). A University of Tasmania (UTAS) undergraduate in Agricultural Science, after a break working overseas, Fiona returned to UTAS to study for her PhD. Her initial research focus was on Pinot Noir and sparkling wine viticulture; however, a lack of objective analytical methods for sparkling wine led to Fiona developing capacity in wine analytical chemistry. She then moved on to investigate sparkling wine composition and the drivers thereof. Fiona has transferred this knowledge to help support and develop the burgeoning local craft cider industry.
Dr Rocco Longo
Junior Research Fellow @Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture
Rocco Longo is a Junior Research Fellow with the University of Tasmania at the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture. A University of Turin (Italy) undergraduate in Viticultural and Oenological Sciences, after a four-year break working in the Alpine Valley (Victoria) as winemaker, Rocco went to Charles Sturt University to study for his PhD in Wine Science. Part of his work was the development of winemaking practices to enable the production of lower alcohol wines with a flavour profile similar to that of the standard alcohol ones. Rocco is an expert in sensory evaluation of wines and instrumental analytical methodologies for the measurement of aroma compounds.