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"Remote Seller" Local Tax Traps, Tips & Tricks
“Remote Sellers” have taken on different definitions in different states especially as it applies to rules for local taxes. State and local tax issues keep getting more complex as local governments make their bid for greater revenue, taking the arduous task of managing sales tax risk to another level. In some cases, you need to guard your status as a remote seller closely while in others it might be better to not qualify as a remote seller. We’ll dig into these nuances as we discuss sourcing, tax types, and compliance issues related to the trends and traps of local taxes. We’ll focus on everything from the Leveling the Playing Field rules in Illinois to the new remote seller collection authorities in Alaska and Louisiana and the flat rate rules in Alabama and Texas. And we can’t forget the insane rules associated with the new Colorado SUTS program!

Learning Objectives
• Explore the differences in home rule cities and counties rules as they apply to remote sellers.
• Understand how to apply the new Illinois remote seller law under the “Level the Playing Field” provision.
• Analyze how the Colorado Sales and Use Tax System (SUTS) program impacts businesses everywhere.
• Discuss rules related to local taxes for remote sellers in Alaska, Alabama, Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, New Mexico and Texas
• Identify how Chicago’s newly implemented Wayfair threshold will impact providers of non-possessory computer leases and streaming amusements.

Moderated by Jim Tauber, Andersen Tax
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