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Reveron Insights as an Asset Management System


Sep 8, 2021 08:29 AM

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Hafiz Fadzillah
Marketing & Business Executive @REVERON CONSULTING
Hafiz is a Marketing and Business Development executive at Reveron Consulting. He has been responsible in managing multiple accounts in providing and implementing end-to-end solutions for the Instructure Life Cycle to companies within the Malaysian region. Hafiz is still fairly new to the industry. Leveraging on the steep learning curve he’s gained since joining Reveron, he is prepared to share his thoughts and views on the ins-and-outs of what an efficient Asset Management Solution is in regards to Reveron’s own in-house software, Reveron Insights
Aadrian Zarin
Senior Technical Consultant @JOGET, INC.
Aadrian is a Senior Technical Consultant at Joget and an avid fan of Joget DX. He is responsible for the training, consultancy and support of its products and customers. He has helped in conducting training and coached companies in South East Asia such as Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam. Aadrian has contributed to the Joget community and worked on the Joget DX Knowledge Base. Prior to becoming a Technical Consultant, Aadrian worked as a Solutions Consultant that used Joget DX since version 4 for 8 years. With his prior experience in developing Joget DX applications and solutions in real-world settings, Aadrian is able to share his valuable experience, expertise and know-hows.