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Microlearning – Learning In The Flow Of Life
With such a rapid pace of change happening around us, increasingly learning design is being focused on microlearning and micro-credentials allowing learning to be more aligned to the pace and needs of work and life.

Jun 8, 2022 12:00 PM in Universal Time UTC

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Kirsty Chadwick
Group Chief Executive Officer @TTRO
New Zealand-born Kirsty Chadwick was the first cast in the role of educator at the age of 15, tutoring violin and piano at her school. That passion has followed her all her life. While on the path to becoming a concert pianist, Kirsty suffered an injury to her hand; it was an easy choice that she transition to a teaching college and earn her diploma. She went on to become an entrepreneur, starting mortgage and financial services companies in the UK, but even in that Kirsty’s love of education shone through as she illuminated council tenants of their rights in buying property and set up training programs for financial advisors. Through it all, Kirsty has been driven by a singular vision: using technology to provide easy, universal access to quality education in emerging and developing nations. And as far as she’s concerned, this vision is still in its infancy; there’s no reason to rest on her laurels just yet! Kirsty is quick to point out that she does not labor alone in her endeavors,