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Shrewsbury Ambassadors Meeting
You are invited to join our first virtual Shrewsbury Ambassador meeting on, Tuesday 23rd March, 10 - 11am (via Zoom) where you will hear about the successes and developments that are shaping Shrewsbury.
As we discussed at the launch event in January as part of the Big Town Plan Festival, we are going to build our own Ambassador group for Shrewsbury, to bring businesses, residents, education, the public sector, the third sector, indeed the whole community together to really put Shrewsbury on the map. You know what an amazing story we have to tell, and we have such a lot to be proud of, but we all need to talk the place up, celebrate our successes; together we need to act as ambassadors for Shrewsbury and get our story out there.
We are lucky in that Shrewsbury already has many individuals and companies who are quietly great ambassadors for our wonderful town, who promote the place, speak up for it and are keen to help move it forward. We want to build on their fantastic contribution and we want more of them, so we can create a powerful and compelling ‘team Shrewsbury’ approach.
In what will be regular meetings (eventually face to face) you will be able to hear about new initiatives, developments and success stories from the people that are making them happen. Alongside this you will be able to create relationships that will benefit you and Shrewsbury, influence and learn about the place, act as a spokesperson for it and perhaps to develop initiatives with each other.
Collaboration has never been more important than now as we seek to overcome Coronavirus and work together to help restore and grow the economy. Together we can show the confidence we have in our future and play a part in making that happen.
Hear from:
Paul Johnson, Head of University Centre Shrewsbury
Tim Pritchard, Shrewsbury Programme Manager, Shropshire Council
Emma Molyneux, Shrewsbury BID


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