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Beyond Covid-19: Identifying and Addressing Today’s and Tomorrow’s Critical Issues
Ensuring your organization is prepared to address the next issue you can’t foresee –

Making immediate and future decisions about the program portfolio has been a top agenda item for most associations today. Now that you have made the most critical decisions about your current programs, it’s time to think strategically about the future.

During this third in a series of free strategic planning webinars for associations and other nonprofits, you will learn a step-by-step approach to identify and prepare for the next critical issues that your association will face. This process will help you both identify known and potential issues and also help you develop action plans on how to address them – even when, as with the current pandemic, the way forward isn’t entirely clear.

This assessment process will help you look strategically at those critical issues and your portfolio and make important decisions on what programs to sunset, reinvent, and promote differently in order to provide greater member value and meet the financial challenges your association may be facing.

Learn from experts that have assisted hundreds of organizations in planning for a short and long term future that is much cloudier than clear.


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