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Global Construction Summit: BIM beyond 3D - implementing 4D and 5D
BIM beyond 3D - implementing 4D and 5D
Global Construction Summit: Thursday 24 February, 9am GMT
In association with Glodon

Moving BIM beyond 3D into 4D and 5D can deliver significant benefits in both time and cost. This session will present case studies of both: how 4D was implemented on a UK project, and how 5D helped deliver the Beijing Winter Olympic Village.

The speakers from Glodon, JN Bentley and Freeform will highlight how 4D and 5D can:
• create more secure project schedules;
• improve safety planning and communication;
• identify and mitigate risks; and
• enable more informed, collaborative decisions to be made.

• Pierpaolo Franco, vice president - international business development at Glodon
• James Bowles, founder of 4D specialist Freeform

This webinar is free to attend and is brought to you by the Chartered Institute of Building and Global Construction Review in association with Glodon.


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