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How to Pay for Long Term Care Without Going Broke Online Seminar
Attend this free online seminar to learn about:

- Qualifying for Medicaid: How you can protect your home and retirement nest egg from nursing home costs.
- Traditional Estate Plans: Why they won't help with nursing home costs and the type of plan that will.
- The 5-year Look Back: How it works and why planning early is vital to protect your assets.
- Probate: How it works, and more importantly, how you can avoid it altogether.
- Preserving you Medicaid Eligibility: The activities that you must avoid to not disqualify yourself from Medicaid benefits.
- Incapacity: Make your final wishes known with a Living Will and Health Care Power of Attorney. Avoid a publicly humiliating and expensive guardianship proceeding if you become legally incapacitated or disabled.
- Immediate Need vs. Medicaid Pre-Planning: The differences and how you can protect more of your assets.
- Divorce and Remarriage: How to safeguard your children's inheritance from their own divorce and your surviving spouse's remarriage.


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