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IAOP 2021- Wednesday 23 June (Day 3 of 5)
Genomics-led development of novel therapies for oral squamous cell carcinoma
Speaker- Professor Cheong Sok Ching (Cancer research, Malaysia)

Ameloblastic Fibro-odontoma: WHO says 'developing odontoma'? Who says 'neoplasia'?
Professor John Wright (Texas A&M University)
Dr Merva Soluk Tekkessin (Istanbul University)
Dr Marilena Vered (Tel Aviv University)
Professor Tie-Jun Li (Peking University)

Jun 23, 2021 01:00 PM in London

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Professor Sok Ching Cheong
@Cancer Research Malaysia
Dr. Cheong leads the Head & Neck Cancer (HNC) Research Team at Cancer Research Malaysia. A major focus of her team is drug development and includes the following research areas: 1) the development of immunotherapy 2) drug repurposing and 3) the use CRISPR-Cas9 essential screens to identify novel targets for HNC. In addition to the development of novel HNC therapeutics, she also focuses on early detection using innovative strategies including mobile health. She has received grants from national and international funding bodies and her work has received several national and international scientific awards. Dr. Cheong is a Fellow of the Academy of Sciences Malaysa (ASM), a Fellow of the International Academy of Oral Oncology (IAOO) and a Fellow of the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC). She is currently the Co-Chair of The World Academy of Sciences Young Affiliate Network (TYAN), and an honorary member of the Young Scientist Network (YSN) of the Academy of Sciences Malaysia.