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Workshop - Advanced Capital Budgeting with Invest for Excel software Enterprise edition
Workshop agenda
Practical business case study solved with Invest for Excel Enterprise

Participants take active part in the workshop and are guided by a tutor in performing all calculations.

First the participants create the basic scenario independently or helping each other. Then we focus on the more advanced features of the program, like:

Nominal vs. Real calculations
Customized Ad-Hoc Sensitivity Analysis
Comparison of scenarios
Handling of Opening Balance and Historical Periods
Realizations of Assets
Considering different currencies in the same calculation
Detailed modeling of Working Capital
Project Financing
Liquidity planning
Profitablity analysis based on Cash flow to Equity
Monte Carlo simulation
Investment grants
Perpetuity and Extrapolation
Defining WACC
Mid-period discounting and varying WACC
Detailed description

The aim of this workshop is to give you a advanced knowledge on how to model different complex scenarios and business cases using Invest for Excel® Enterprise software. You will be introduced to all steps of investment calculation and profitability analysis. You will see the best framework for organizing your calculation and you will get deep understanding on how various investment elements affect the profitability ratios, profit and loss account, cash flow statement, working capital and balance sheet. You will learn to interpret the profitability reports and perform sensitivity analysis. You will also learn to recognize which parameters of your investment are the most sensitive and involve the most risk. During the training the techniques how to compare or consolidate various investment projects will be covered.

- 5,5 hours including short 5min. breaks and 45 min. lunch break

- 390 EUR/ participant. VAT is not included.
DataPartner's customers with valid maintenance services or subscriptions can attend free of charge.

More information:
E-mail: datapartner@datapartner.fi

Sep 30, 2022 10:00 AM in Helsinki

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