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Webinar EN - Control-M for SAP
Learn how you can better automate and integrate SAP, non-SAP and Filetransfer processes end-to-end.

Are you still planning and monitoring of SAP batch jobs with the tools provided by SAP.
See what is possible today with Control-M:
- Get a productivity boost in all areas of your automation
- Manage workflows across multiple SAP instances
- Integrate SAP and non-SAP processes seamlessly
- Make secure internal and external file transfers an integrated part of your automation
- Save cost while balancing the utilization your IT-Resources wisely
- Enable Self-Services users
- Enable your developers to write jobs as code and integrate automation in your development processes (CI/CD)
- SLA Management: Detect potential delays before they negatively impact your business

Take the time to register and participate at this 45-minute webinar.
Join us and see how easy it is to improve automation across the board with Control-M.


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