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The Impact of Coronavirus on Comparator Sourcing in Clinical Trials


Oct 18, 2021 02:52 PM

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Toby Watkins
Founder and Managing Director @CTSS
Toby Watkins is the Founder and Managing Director of a Swiss-based clinical trial supplies consultancy firm, CTSS, that helps Trial Sponsors identify, validate, and manage vendor companies across the clinical trial supply value chain. Over the last decade, Toby has worked on global comparator sourcing programmes helping sponsors source comparator drugs, ancillaries, and reference products and identify their vendors in over 60 countries around the globe. Prior to entering the clinical arena, he worked on named-patient and managed access programmes in emerging markets. Toby has had the privilege of working with many of the world’s innovators, comparator sourcing companies, CROs, CMOs, biotechs, Big Pharma companies, and their suppliers at every stage of drug development and across multiple therapeutic indications.