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The Post-COVID Social Contract Trilemma
In any time of prolonged crisis, our responses depend on "the ideas that are lying around". But what if the various ideas that are growing in popularity, for adoption in a post-COVID social contract, are in profound tension with each other?

This London Futurists webinar features Bronwyn Williams, economist, futurist, and business trend analyst. Bronwyn will be drawing attention to a growing "trilemma" of choice, highlighting potential contradictions between, for example:

*) BTC (Bitcoin), along with other cryptocurrencies
*) MMT (Modern Monetary Theory), with its focus on a "Job Guarantee"
*) UBI (Universal Basic Income), with payments independent of employment status.

Other "ideas lying around" that will appear in this talk include the Doughnut Economy, Citizens' Assemblies, and FALC (Fully Automated Luxury Communism/Capitalism).

As Bronwyn will demonstrate, thinking through the potential interactions of these different ideas can allow us to identify creative new possibilities ahead of time.


The webinar will start broadcasting at 4pm UK time on Saturday 27th February.

You are advised to log into Zoom up to 10 minutes ahead of the publicised start time of the event, so you won't miss the start of the live broadcast.

As the discussion proceeds, attendees will be welcome to raise questions and vote to prioritise questions raised by others.


The registration fee (UKP £2.50) helps cover London Futurists running costs, such as Zoom licensing. The webinar can also be viewed, without charge, on the London Futurists YouTube channel, but without the option to participate in the live Q&A.

(If you cancel your registration before the start time of the webinar, Zoom will automatically issue a refund for your registration fee.)


For more information about this event and the speaker, see https://www.meetup.com/London-Futurists/events/276397430/

Feb 27, 2021 04:00 PM in London

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