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Advent for Everyone: How to Share the Holiday in Traditional Churches, Fresh Expressions and Everything In-Between
The weeks leading up to Christmas provide an opportunity for Christians, and even our broader culture, to turn our minds to Jesus. But how do you help Christians reimagine the holiday season that has been co-opted by secular and consumerist practices? How do you take the concepts and traditions, many rooted in high church liturgies, to modern churches, dinner churches, home churches and other fresh expressions? In this webinar, you'll hear ideas that will help you experience Advent, no matter what your church looks like.

The season between Thanksgiving and Christmas is full of activity. Parties, gatherings of friends, family traditions, gift shopping, decorations, delicacies to prepare and enjoy and more all make for a festive atmosphere and maybe for a moment or two the world seems a little kinder and hopeful. Underneath all of the holiday hype is the foundation of a Holy Birth that changed the world. These days of what the church calls the season Advent carry a redemptive focus, an optimistic theme anticipating something is about to happen. Advent contains a movement from darkness to light that is to be welcomed and celebrated. So become an Advent / Christmas archaeologist and dig down to discover life changing meaning and purpose anchored in a Savior, Christ the Lord. This webinar will help uncover the richness of these special days in the calendar and to experience them in community, no matter what your community looks like.


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