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The Great Saros-Trigon Cycle 2020
Global Revolution of an Awakening Mankind -
The Evidence for the Illusions in the Worldwide Game

Dear Ones,

Topics of this upcoming Webinar with German translation will be:

- The Soros-Trigon Cycle of December 21st 2020, & what this means for humanity — The Unity Consciousness link,
- The Sirius-Saros New Millennium 2020 Uniqueness of our Time. The uniqueness of our time is unparalleled, with these facts!
- Major Updates on the Global unfoldments — there are soo many, the best will be filtered through,
- Awakening Mankind, the Rising US & Global Patriot-Sovereignty Movement — Mankind Together, with Inner & Outer Dynamics, and with All Is God with and as us.
- NWO repackaged: The Great Global Reset, in new parts
- At the Edge of Two Universes
- Growing Reality, the Science Studies, and how to utilize this in what is up ahead in the Heart Hands of Awakening Mankind. Reality is Grown by Coherent Consciousness, the Studies Show this,
- The Global Reset & Man to Mars — the Real Mars, An Extraordinary Revelation
- The Worldwide Revolution, Utilising Coherence, Anthropic Sentience, Truth, with God.

See you All there!

In Divine Love
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