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Make a wire frame! Brim and Crown


Feb 22, 2021 09:13 AM

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Denise Wallace Spriggs
Theatrical milliner
Denise Wallace-Spriggs Theatrical Milliner @https://denisewallacespriggs.com/ Denise Wallace-Spriggs is the Costume Crafts Artisan at the Tony Award-winning Huntington Theatre Company in Boston and has served in this role for 30 years. Her duties include working with designers to bring their designs to the stage. She creates parts of costumes such as armour, belts, jeweller, leatherwork and body padding; but her specialty is millinery. She is the recent recipient of the Adrian Tinsley Award for Achievement in the Arts from her alma mater – Bridgewater State University and the Gerard and Sherryl Cohen Awards for Excellence from the Huntington Theatre Company. Her work regularly appears in Broadway and Off-Broadway productions in New York and around the country. Denise has taught millinery and fabric dyeing and modification in the Boston University School of Theatre for over 25 years. She regularly offers workshops at other colleges and craft schools in the area and privately
Waltraud Reiner
Milliner/Psychotherapist MA @Hatweek PTY LTD
Waltraud Reiner Milliner/Psychotherapist MA www.hatmobile.com.au Waltraud discovered her love of hats when she came from Austria to Australia in the early 1980s. She had spent years searching for her passion, and she found it almost by accident when she came to work for Melbourne milliner Magda Urban in a little made-to-measure hat studio in Caulfield. She has since trained under millinery greats, such as royal milliner Phillip Somerville and London legend Rose Cory. But for Waltraud, there is always more to learn. Her obsession with the hat trade has taken her worldwide, where she has learned new skills and long-forgotten techniques; discovered rare and exotic materials; and brought all these back. Waltraud launched her own millinery studio in 1990, and established the Melbourne School of Millinery, founded Torb and Reiner and uses her Psychotherapy MA as she travels and teaches in the Hatmobile.