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Beyond the Curve: Post-Pandemic Back to Work for Employees and Employers
The COVID-19 crisis has rocked all of our communities, and particularly the parking, transportation, and mobility industry to a significant degree. Municipalities, universities, healthcare institutions, private operators, and more across our region (and the country) laid off or furloughed thousands of employees. However, as communities begin to reopen, what does this look like for organizations faced with safely and effectively reintroducing employees back into the workplace and their daily routines?

Join NEPC and NYSPTA on June 17 for a virtual discussion of what reopening could look like, as well as strategies for keeping employees safe and comfortable, while giving them the tools and resources to effectively do their jobs. Topics will include:

• Physical logistics of bringing employees back, including their interactions with each other and the public, testing and monitoring, and distributing and enforcing personal protective equipment.
• Human resource considerations like the rehiring process, implementing personal safety policies, and monitoring employee mental health and wellness.
• The new workplace. Will remote work policies be relaxed, and for how long? How will offices be set up to ensure personal distancing? How will crisis management procedures be revised?

We are thrilled to introduce our fantastic lineup of speakers to help address the questions many professionals throughout our region will have. Speakers include:

• David Panagore, Chief Administrative Officer, MBTA
• Cole Pouliot, General Manager, CT Transit
• Eric Daigle, Vice President of People & Culture, LAZ Parking
• Michelle McConville, Biosafety Officer, University at Albany
• Lisa Donohue, Director of Environmental Health & Safety, University at Albany

This joint webinar is open to members and non-members throughout the region and beyond.


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