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Performance Under Pressure: Why PyroThin Thermal Barriers Get Better at End-of-Life
• Preventing thermal propagation starts with the cell-to-cell (C2C) barrier.
• Aspen Aerogels’ PyroThin materials are widely recognized as providing the highest thermal performance in the industry, and recent testing is beginning to reveal why.
• The surprising interactions between compressive loading and thermal behaviour are leading to some of the most space- and weight-efficient solutions available today.
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John Williams
VP of Technical Services @Aspen Aerogels
John Williams is VP of Technical Services at Aspen Aerogels. For nearly two decades, John has utilized Aspen’s Aerogel Technology Platform™ to assist companies worldwide in overcoming challenges around energy efficiency, asset resiliency, and fire safety. His expertise in aerogel’s thermal performance and passive fire protection has helped major automotive OEMs solve their thermal propagation challenges. He holds a BS and MS in Aeronautics and Astronautics from the University of Washington.