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Indian Microfinance Sector : A New Dawn
Acuité Ratings & Research is back with another webinar from the Acuité Decipher Series. This time the limelight is on the Indian Microfinance Sector which had witnessed a significant disruption in operations during the pandemic period but has largely emerged unscathed from the crisis. Bringing together diverse perspectives and interesting insights from our proprietary research as well as industry leaders, this webinar will provide deeper understanding on:

-The impact of the pandemic on the MFI sector,
-How MFIs are addressing the challenge of delinquencies,
-Readiness of the MFI players to future-proof their businesses,
-The changing landscape in the sector,
-The growth trajectory for the sector in the short to medium term

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Who should attend?
-Micro Finance Institutions
-Bank and Non-Bank lenders
-Micro Finance Associations
-Market Intermediaries


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