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Realty411's LIVE from Las Vegas Virtual Summit
Celebrate Our New Issues, Learn the Latest Niches in Real Estate + Connect with Influential Investors at Realty411's Networking Breakfast and Conference!

This event is LIVE FROM LAS VEGAS, join us and learn!

This incredible day of networking and education will feature real estate industry leaders, both locally and from around the country. Don't Miss this ONE DAY OF Insight and Strategies.

Learn from TOP Leaders in REI, Local & National Experts
* Learn from Leaders & Industry Pros
* Get to Know Local & Out of Area Investors
* NON-Stop Tips for Real Estate Success
* Watch As if You're Seated in the VIP Section!

Our investor summit is designed to help you gain the latest insight, strategies, and techniques to grow your rental portfolio and real estate business. For our new one-day event, we have united amazing speakers and experts. Plus, learn how investors, agents, and brokers can increase their income by exploring new niche ideas and strategies.

Learn LIVE from renowned educators, such as:
* Dawn Pitts, Ignite Funding
* Randy Hughes, Mr. Land Trust
* Brent Kesler, The Money Multiplier
* Paul Finck, The Millionaire Maverick
* Paul Wilkins, Probate Finance Expert
* Anthony Patrick, New Harvest Ventures
* Brad Blazar, Private Capital Expert
* Bill Walsh – Powerteam International
* Jeremy Rubin, The Friendly Flipper
* Justin Ford, Top Producer, eXp Realty
* Linda Pliagas, Realty411 & REI Wealth Magazines
* Christoph Malzl & Jonathon Metoyer, LandVoice.com
* Plus Insider Information about Investing in Probates!

Don’t miss our complimentary real estate investor event created and hosted by an accredited investor and journalist. Realty411.com has been providing the resources investors need to be successful since 2007.  Our special Las Vegas event highlights the efforts of local, as well as national investors and leaders.
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