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Ponga hosts StoryCenter's Robert Kershaw
On Thursday, March 2nd, Ponga is delighted to host Robert Kershaw, director of public workshops at StoryCenter.org, a non-profit dedicated to helping people tell their stories through digital media. Robert has been with StoryCenter for over 20 years and is a leading expert in digital storytelling.

At our live virtual event, Robert and Ponga co-founder Cameron Crowe will explore how digital platforms like Ponga can be used to capture the stories of elders and engage a new generation in the experiences of their ancestors. They will discuss combining stories and photos with the internet to create captivating digital stories that will last.

We invite you to join us on Thursday, March 2nd at 2/5 PM PT/ET. The program should run for about one hour. Join us and discover the power of digital storytelling and how to preserve and share family stories. At this special event, you’ll join a community of storytellers and picture-keepers, learning to use the internet to keep these stories alive for generations.


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Robert Kershaw
Director of Public Workshops @StoryCenter.org
Robert is a photographer, writer, designer, and film editor who discovered digital storytelling while working in communities in Canada’s circumpolar north in 2001. As a digital storytelling practitioner, Rob has been facilitating storytelling workshops and supporting digital media projects ever since, assisting individuals around the world in telling their own stories. He is the author, co-editor, and designer of books about the history and geography of regions and communities in northern and western Canada including “Exploring the Castle,” “Discovering the Backbone of the World in Southern Alberta” (Rocky Mountain Books, 2008); “Sáhtu Atlas: Maps and Stories from the Sáhtu Settlement Area in Canada’s Northwest Territories” (Sahtu GIS Project, 2005) and “If Only We Had Known The History of Port Radium as Told by the Sahtúot’ine” published by Déline First Nation (2005). He has a degree in Ecology and Communication Studies from the University of Calgary.
Cameron Crowe
Ponga Co-Founder @Ponga.com
Cameron is a co-founder at Ponga overseeing executive functions. He has enjoyed a long and successful career in the San Francisco Bay Area in the technology industry across both large companies and startups including senior positions in venture capital and investment banking. He is a dedicated storyteller and family historian with a love of the outdoors as a skier, hiker, golfer and motorcycling enthusiast.