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Adopting Materials Through an Equity-Focused Lens: Why Materials Matter
“At this place in time with all the challenges in education, curriculum is the lever to make sure we're addressing equity. It's about equitable access to high-level learning." – Sonja Santaleses, CEO of Baltimore City Public Schools. Disparities based on race and income are not new, and inconsistent access to high-quality content is widespread. In a single school year, the average student spends 581 of 720 hours of their instructional time on assignments that are not aligned to college and career-ready standards. This is particularly significant for students of color and students living in poverty who have less access to high-quality materials than their peers. Join us for this webinar, where we’ll dive into recent studies signaling the urgent need to provide every student and teacher with high-quality curricula.

Guests: Josh Parker (UnboundEd), Bailey Czupryk (TNTP)


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