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Socialism 2021: Overcoming Multiple Crises of Capitalism
Socialism is a biannual conference organized by left parties in South East Asia . This year Socialism 2021 is brought to you with the theme ”Overcoming The Multiple Crises of Capitalism”. Socialism 2021 is jointly organized by Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM), Socialist Workers Thailand, Partido Lakas ng Masa (PLM) Philipines, Socialist Alliance Australia, Partai Rakyat Pekerja (PRP) Indonesia and Kesatuan Perjuangan Rakyat (KPR) Indonesia.

Interpretation available in Indonesian, Malay, Mandarin (selected sessions), and Thai


27 November 2021 (Sat) - 9 AM - 7 PM (Bangkok/Jakarta) / 10 AM - 8 PM (KL/Manila)

- Opening Session
- Keynote: Overcoming the Multiple Crises Of Capitalism
- Building An Equitable Health Care System for the 21st Century
- Dictatorship, fascism and authoritarianism: challenging the far right today

28 November 2021 (Sun) - 9 AM - 7 PM (Bangkok/Jakarta) / 10 AM - 8 PM (KL/Manila)

- Capitalism’s Economic Crises: People vs Profit
- Fighting for gender equality – socialist feminist perspectives
- Revolutionary unionism: Uniting the socialists and unions for a workers’ fightback

4 December 2021 (Sat) - 9 AM - 7 PM (Bangkok/Jakarta) / 10 AM - 8 PM (KL/Manila)

- Imperialist geo-politics and the role of China today
- Rojava Revolution: feminism, self determination and popular power
- The Climate Crisis: Why Green Capitalism Cannot Save Us
- Colonialism in the 21st Century and the Struggles for Self-Determination

5 December 2021 (Sun) - 9 AM - 7 PM (Bangkok/Jakarta) / 10 AM - 8 PM (KL/Manila)

- The Agrarian Question in the Socialist Transition
- Challenges faced in the transition to Socialism – Latin America and Cuba
- The Left and Elections: Contradictions and Challenges
- Closing Rally

Please visit https://socialismconf.org/ for more information.
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