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REAL Leadership... Build Inner Strength and Resilience
REAL Leaders need to have inner strength, confidence, emotional intelligence, and resilience. Given the past year of COVID lock-down and this year of re-integrating the future of work and back-to-the-office, it is evident that rapid, disruptive change is today’s normal.

Change comes in drips, or waves, or hurricanes. One thing we know for certain, change is continual and constant. To cope, leaders must have inner strength, emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.
Additionally, leaders need to be agile and resilient.

Emotional Intelligence:
Today’s leaders need to be emotionally intelligent people with the ability to absorb complex change and help others move forward to achieve success. Studies show that leaders’ best decisions are grounded in business and emotional intelligence. Given the social upheaval authenticity, vulnerability, and empathy are critical to success. Leaders need to build a sense of equality, inclusion and belonging.

The Economic Roundtable
“Bill Wilkerson of the Economic Roundtable speaks to leadership factors which enable leaders to meet shareholder expectations and market demands, and implement change successfully…while engaging employees and attending to their mental and emotional wellbeing. Leaders need to “rediscover the roots of good management; reacquaint themselves with the source of human motivation needed to get good work done well; manage cost in a sane fashion and digress from the blind, vigilant focus on short term results.” (The Resilient Leader: Why EQ Matters. Ivey Business Journal. 2008.

How do you do your job, develop emotional intelligence, build resilience, and get it all done?

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Aug 19, 2021 12:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Explore, Strengthen, and Transform Your Leaders, Teams, and Results
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Susan Robertson
Co-Founder and CEO @Linceis Conscious Business
Susan Robertson is the Co-Founder and CEO of Linceis Conscious Business. For over 32 years she has worked with executives worldwide helping them transform themselves, their teams, the culture of their organization while improving bottom-line results. Some of her clients include such companies as MetLife, Mastercard, American Express, Citibanamex, DHL, to name a few. As an executive coach, she works with leaders to improve their emotional intelligence, resilience, agility, and flexibility, while helping them differentiate between making decisions and becoming discerning. She also works with executives supporting them with their stress levels, helping them improve their intuition and strategic thinking. Since the age of 14, Susan Robertson has practiced meditation. As an entrepreneur, executive coach, and organizational change expert, Susan relies on meditation to help with creativity, reduce the noise, and help leaders, teams, and companies become better.