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Homicide Case Pitfalls and Mistakes - How to avoid them
This 3.5 -hour webinar focuses on common mistakes and pitfalls made by new and even seasoned homicide detectives. We sometime take shortcuts and/or we become complacent. See how these mistakes can be overcome or actually avoided. Homicide investigations are more complex than ever, and jury expectations are sometimes unfair. Become the best investigator possible because we have a DUTY to the victim’s family to get justice. Topics will include:

• Crime Scene Procedures- Do and Don’ts
• Patrol Response Expectations
• Initial Scene Responsibilities – How this can make or break a case
• Crime Scene Evaluation (Execution of the Walk-thru)
• DNA Review and Touch Evidence
• Jury Expectations
• Don’t blame the prosecutor- this begins and ends with us.
• Take Accountability


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