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Webinar: BayREN Business FLEXmarket Launch
Webinar: BayREN Business FLEXmarket Now Open
Contractors can earn 3X-7X Market Access Incentives

Date: Wednesday, November 30, 2022
Time: 11:00 AM-12:00 PM Pacific
Who Should Attend: Energy Efficiency and Demand Response Solution Providers
i.e., Do you provide HVAC, Heat/Pool Pump, Lighting, or any other energy efficiency/demand response services to small or medium businesses in the Bay Area?

Please join us on Wednesday, November 30, to launch BayREN Business FLEXmarket, powered by Recurve! FLEXmarket expert Andrew Terenzio and BayREN market manager Cara Bautista-Rao will walk through the basics of BayREN Business FLEXmarket and answer your most common questions:

- How can the BayREN Business FLEXmarket help me expand and grow my business?
- How do these incentives compare to MCE or PG&E market access incentives?
- How can I forecast incentives for my projects?
- How does the enrollment process work?
- When do I get paid?
- How can Market Access be “stacked” with other rebate programs?

What is the BayREN Business FLEXmarket?

- The BayREN Business FLEXmarket is focused on helping small and medium business owners cut energy costs and put savings back into their businesses. Because incentive payments are based on actual savings, contractors can earn more than from traditional rebate programs. Higher incentives are available for projects at small and medium businesses and hard-to-reach businesses.

- BayREN Business FLEXmarket aligns incentives for all. Customers can experience bill savings and increased efficiency, the community benefits from increased grid reliability and decreased carbon emissions, and contractors can get paid more for the value they provide to the grid.

- BayREN guarantees advance contractor payment of 20% of the forecasted total system benefit for projects installed.

Want to learn more?
Visit demandflexmarket.com/bayrenbusiness


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