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Glen Cooper on The Future of Business Brokerage: 5 Tools We Need for the Years Ahead! - Tool #1: Our Business Definition Tool
This Tuesday, Glen will continue his new 7-part webinar series. In this 2nd-in-the-series webinar, he'll quickly review what we covered last time, introduce us to six self-teaching steps, then offer his take on the messes we seem to be in right now!

Tuesday's webinar will include:

1) A review discussion of How to Predict the Future, the Five Fundamental Tools and the "latest wrinkles". Yes, there is a way to predict the future! But, for folks who missed Part 1 on February 28th, Glen will summarize what we discussed last time before marching on.

2) He'll then introduce us to the Six Steps to Teaching Ourselves. Learning business brokerage is like drinking from a firehose! Right! Especially when you're new to this field, it's just awful. But, today, with artificial intelligence (AI) changing the landscape so quickly and dramatically, we're ALL back on the learning curve that seems to kill our soul!

3) Finally, an OMG! discussion. Either as a "newbie" to business brokerage or as an "oldie," each of us now finds ourselves asking, "Who the hell has time to learn all this crap!!!" Glen's going to teach us the best answer (well, at least his proposed best answer) to this very relevant question.

From the moment we engage our seller prospects in initial meetings, until we work with our seller clients and their professional advisors at the closing, we need to be thinking of just how a buyer is going to buy the busines

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Mar 28, 2023 01:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Glen Cooper
Founder & Managing Partner @Colorado Business Brokers
Glen Cooper is the Founder & Managing Partner of Colorado Business Brokers where he is a Business Broker. Glen also provides coaching to Business Brokers in individual and group settings. Glen has been a business broker since 1979. He has successfully led business brokerage firms in Maine, New Hampshire and now Colorado. For 26 years, he was also a credentialed business appraiser. He’s even a coach for business brokers, well known to many of us.