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The Two Minute Tax Return Review Process
If you review tax returns before they go out to clients, you know how time intensive it can be. Most firms find this to be their situation: this year's source documents are in one place, last year's source documents are in another place entirely, and there is no easy way to see side-by-side comparisons with the actual source documents displayed as well. This leads to frustration and a lot of opening and closing of documents and folders.

And what about reviewer notes, year-over-year annotations and "watch out for this" type of notes? These are usually in your head and you may not have conveyed them correctly to the preparers on your team. Because of that, your tax preparer(s) may make mistakes and its up to you to catch them. Not a good scenario!

If you are looking for a better way, come and learn a completely revolutionary, yet strikingly SIMPLE way to organize the document AS THEY COME IN, with the end result that all documents are displayed in the order they need to be entered into the return, with last year's source docs beside this year's, and all notes and annotations clearly visible and organized so that they carry over to next year.

You'll also learn easy ways to create a visual system that will alert you to anything that needs attention, at a glance.

And lastly, you'll learn how to get clients to send their documents to you on a timely basis with NO CHASING.

You deserve a better tax season and we have a great process you can follow, using software you already own.


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