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Synaptica Webinar Wednesday September 30th Knowledge Modeling for the Task at Hand
Synaptica Webinar | Knowledge Modeling for the Task at Hand
Lists, taxonomies, thesauri, ontologies: how simple or complex should a knowledge model be to meet the task at hand? Are all taxonomies and thesauri simple or can they model complex systems? Similarly, are all ontologies necessarily complex or can they model simple interactions between concepts?

Whether you currently have a taxonomy or are thinking about building one, is an ontology the next logical step? Are taxonomies more appropriate for some tasks than others?

In this free webinar, Synaptica’s Bob Kasenchak and Ahren Lehnert will discuss controlled vocabulary use cases and what knowledge model is suited for each project.

Discussion points will include:
- Are you using the right knowledge model for the job?
- Does the model fit the scale and scope of the use case?
- Are you designing for future extensibility of the vocabulary structure?
- Can you start with a taxonomy and develop it into an ontology later?
- Can taxonomies be simple or complex? Does an ontology necessarily need to be complex?

Sep 30, 2020 05:00 PM in London

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Bob Kasenchak
Senior Manager Client Solutions @Synaptica
Ahren E. Lehnert
Senior Manager Text Analytics @Synaptica