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The Vikings and Cork: raiding, trading, and the development of the town
10am: Conference Opens and Welcome

Morning Session: Chair – Ciara Brett, Cork City Archaeologist
10:05, Clare Downham (University of Liverpool) - Viking raiding and early settlement
in the Cork region
10:40, David Griffiths (Oxford University) - The Vikings, Towns and the Irish Sea
11:15, Discussion
11:25, Break
11:40, Howard Clarke (University College Dublin) - Viking Cork: a new cartographical
12:15, Rebecca Boyd (University College Cork) - Living in a Viking House – what it
was like to live in Cork in the 11th century
12:50, Discussion

1:00, Lunch break

Afternoon Session: Chair – Maeve Sikora, National Museum of Ireland
2:00, John Sheehan (University College Cork) - Viking Cork: a silver lining?
2:35, Griffin Murray (University College Cork) - Late Viking Art in Co. Cork: the
evidence from church metalwork
3:10, Tom Birkett (University College Cork) - From Pillagers to Pin-ups: Perspectives
on the Vikings in the 21st Century
3:45, Discussion

4:00, Closing Remarks Dr John Herbert (President CHAS)
4:10, Conference Close

Jun 19, 2021 10:00 AM in Dublin

Cork Historical & Archaeological Society
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