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Additive Manufacturing Webinar
Topic: Digital twin development for validation of multi-site additive manufacturing production.
Presenter: Alex Conway
Description: Process variability and an absence of long-term process characterisation of the Metal Powder Bed Fusion process makes it difficult to ensure that manufactured components are correct without significant validation, and even more difficult to monitor process drift over time and across multiple platforms. The DigitBrain project aims to use the Digital Twin concept to give industry more valuable insights into their manufacturing processes, make predictions regarding expected machine failures and predict maintenance needs.
DIGITbrain (H2020) project.

Topic: Additive manufacturing surface finishing approaches and development for the medical industry
Presenter: Mark Hartnett
Description: While Additive Manufacturing continues to prove itself as a viable process within the medical industry, the requirements for additional surface finishing operations remain a challenge. In many cases, the cost of finishing AM components outweighs the cost of the AM process itself. This webinar will cover the application of novel and conventional surface finishing techniques to AM Ti-6Al-4V, highlighting the costs and time requirements for each.
APEM (SMART Eureka) project

Nov 5, 2021 10:30 AM in Dublin

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