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Webinar: Strategies for Stronger Memory Power
There are many types of memory and most people are aware of short-term and long-term memory. More recently, working memory has been found to have a deep impact on higher cognitive functions such as academic learning, planning and intelligence. Working memory is the ability to not only store information but also manipulate them at the same time, critical especially for successful reading comprehension, critical thinking and the ability to solve multi-step Math problems.

While it is easy for us to see how important memory is for our learning and daily functions, how memory works in the brain is still subjected to much neuroscientific investigations and research. Our memory systems are complex brain systems that underlie much of our human functions. Join us in this webinar to gain the latest neuroscientific insights on how memory works and how best to help your learners (and yourself!) develop stronger memory power.

Attend this webinar to:
• Understand the different types of memory – why it is hard to remember someone’s name but it is easy to recall that Paris is the capital of France
• Learn about memory techniques and more importantly, whether they work
• Take home research-based strategies to help your learners (and yourself!) develop stronger memory power
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