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Indexing capital requirements on climate : What impacts can be expected ?
Increasing the contribution of banks is the major issue that I4CE proposes to address in a study published in September 2021.

The objective is to overcome the classic opposition between the supporters of a Green Supporting Factor (for prudential relief due to the lower risk of green assets) and of a Penalizing Factor (to penalize activities that emit high CO2 levels because they are more exposed to transition risks).

By determining the impacts of these two approaches on project financing, on the internal profitability of banks, and on credit growth or contraction, I4CE demonstrates that prudential tools are perhaps a response to a risk problem, but they do not sufficiently respond to the challenges of the transition. Apart from the scheduled exit from fossil fuel activities for which a strong and localized penalizing factor may be possible, the other impacts on the transition of these devices are
negligible or even counterproductive.

Moderation by Pauline Becquey, Managing Director of Finance for Tomorrow

Julie Evain, Reserach fellows, I4CE

Pierre Monnin, Senior Fellow, Council on Economic Policies

A question / answer period is planned for the second part of the webinar.

The webinar will be in english.

Oct 18, 2021 09:00 AM in Paris

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Julie Evain
Project Manager @I4CE
Pauline Becquey
Managing Director @Finance for Tomorrow
Pierre Monnin
Senior Fellow @CEP