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European Gas Market Structure
This European Gas Market Structure online interactive course is designed to guide participants through the European gas markets, with a particular focus on those markets in Northwest Europe linked to NBP and TTF hubs.
The course is aimed at those new to the markets needing to understand the structure of the region but will assume a certain level of basic knowledge of natural gas supply and demand.

Sources of Natural Gas:
The course starts out with an overview of natural gas in the region with a look at the characteristics of the indigenous supplies and the key importers of natural gas of Norway, Russia and the growing LNG supply. Delegates will understand the importance of each source of gas and its relevance to the supply balance.
Use of Natural Gas:
The second section of the course will look at the characteristics of demand in Europe, specifically the seasonal impact of Domestic demand, underlying industrial demand and the impact of power demand. The delegates will understand the load duration curves and the bringing together of the supply and demand balance.
Infrastructure Requirements:
Delegates will then gain an understanding of the physical infrastructure of the market of pipelines, storage, LNG and other import and the role the trading hubs play in the market place. Those attending will understand how these are priced and how to gain access to the markets.
Trading Hubs:
This final section will take the delegates through the key traded markets for natural gas and their relationship to each other. Delegates will gain an understanding of how the hubs operate and the primary purpose of their existence. A brief overview of trading activity using these hubs by different players will also be included.


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Course Duration: 2 Hours

2 CPD credits Industry Certificate

Aug 19, 2020 01:00 PM in London

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Edward Stock
Edward Stock has over 20 years of experience in the commodity arena. Edward has worked in marketing, trading, operations and risk management, advising European and Asian companies on commercial aspects of strategy, risk control and hedging. His clients include major energy companies, banks and other industry participants. In addition to the consultancy business Ed was an Associate Course Director on a Global Energy MBA and lectured on Global Energy Markets. Edward has hosted numerous training courses around the world on subjects such as oil trading and hedging, energy trading and risk management, global LNG markets and European natural gas markets. Ed was Head of Trading and Operations for Wingas in the UK and previously was responsible for the gas purchasing and risk management of Total’s industrial and commercial gas supply business in the UK.