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Optimized models of care for TB prevention among migrants
Please Save The Date on Tuesday the 7th of December, on which we would like to welcome you to a symposium organized by KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation to celebrate the successful completion of the ZonMW funded TB ENDPoint project.

Tuberculosis (TB) can be prevented through detection of persons with latent TB infection (LTBI) and provision of TB preventive treatment (TPT) among those who have LTBI. The World Health Organization recommends to provide tuberculosis preventive treatment (TPT) to all high TB risk populations in countries with low burden of TB.

One example of an important high TB risk population in many low TB burden countries, such as the Netherlands, are migrants. The TB ENDPoint project studied the implementation and cost effectiveness of optimized approaches for LTBI screening and TPT among various high TB risk migrant populations (I.e., newly arriving immigrants and asylum seekers, and settled high TB risk migrants in the community).

During this symposium, we will present and discuss the optimized models of care for TB prevention among high TB risk migrants as identified by the TB ENDPoint project in The Netherlands, and compare these with other low TB incidence countries.

Details of the program are soon to be followed!
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