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WA: Practical Measures to Reduce Risk in your Strata Scheme
Join Wal Dobrow from Reserve Fund Plans and Nikki Jovicic from LookUpStrata to explore some practical steps you can take away to minimise risk and make a day to day difference in your building.

Owners have unlimited liability within their schemes. By applying practical measures to minimise risk, owners can potentially reduce insurance premiums and the likelihood of being sued in negligence and keep you and your family safe.

Practical measures can include signage, highlight paint, physical barriers, use of perspex sheeting or glass, maintenance (cleaning gutters and valleys, reapplying non-slip finishes, jetting out storm water pipes), adding handrails, stair nosings, lighting, mats for wet weather, pedestrian traffic conflicts, convex mirrors, warning lights, etc.

How do YOU prove that you have taken Reasonable Steps to reduce risk? Obtaining insurance, and acting on the practical recommendations of our safety reports, asbestos reports, maintenance plans and the like, assist in either eliminating hazards or minimising potential risks to people and damage to property.

Insurers are currently looking for ways to minimise their exposure and have been requesting evidence of the practical measures undertaken by owners for:

1. Safety
2. Maintenance
3. Asbestos Management
4. Valuations being reasonably current

That evidence can be as simple as completing the Safety Action Plans within our Safety Reports and the Asbestos Management Plans within our Asbestos Reports.


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Aug 11, 2022 10:00 AM in Perth

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Wal Dobrow
@Reserve Fund Plans
Wal Dobrow is a specialist in risk, safety and negligence. He has a Cert IV is WHS, all four asbestos qualifications and his companies have produced tens of thousands of Safety Reports and Asbestos Reports for strata and community properties throughout Australia. Over 85% of strata managers in WA utilise his services. He has made numerous presentations on the topics of safety, WHS and strata compliance, particularly identifying the risk of harm to people or potential damage to property from a Common Law Duty of Care, Civil Liability and a WHS legislative requirement. He wrote the Common Property Memorandum which provides clarity and resolves many issues dealing with the repair, maintenance and renewal of a service or an area within a strata scheme, and which has been adopted into the NSW legislation. He also wrote the Risk Management Module for all SCA Strata Managers licensing in NSW for Fair Trading's Mandatory CPD training in 2020-21.