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Writing Secure JavaScript Applications
The JavaScript ecosystem keeps growing. JavaScript grew to be the queen of programming languages with a Community of 11.7M active developers worldwide. JavaScript is most popular in the web, cloud and IoT spaces, where attacks like to play the most. With that growth came lots of security responsibility.

During this series we are going to dive into the most dangerous JavaScript vulnerabilities, some of which have been making the JavaScript news lately. We will also go over the different ways to mitigate these vulnerabilities and how to leverage the power of frameworks to mitigate these attacks.

Session 1: Server-side Injection Attacks - October 23rd
Injection attacks are very common in JavaScript due to how the language works. During this webinar we will go over the different versions of injection attacks and the different ways of mitigating them.
- SQL Injection
- NoSQL Injection
- Code Injection
- Template Injection

Session 2: Cross-Site Scripting - October 30th
Cross-Site Scripting: XSS is one of the most common vulnerabilities in general but it is even more prominent in JavaScript based stacks due to the increased attack surface. Although, Angular and React are doing better in terms of mitigations there are still a few places that need attention if you are using these frameworks.
- Cross-site Scripting in JavaScript
- XSS attacks and mitigations in Angular & React

Session 3: Prototype Pollution & Denial of Service - November 6th
Prototype Pollution is the latest security pain and can sometimes lead to arbitrary code execution, sanitizer bypass and slew of other vulnerabilities. We'll also tackle denial of service in JavaScript and ways mitigate it.
- XSS based
- Sanitizer
- RCE using AST Pollution
- Denial of Service
Oct 30, 2020 12:00 PM
Nov 6, 2020 12:00 PM
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