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Why are financial crimes such a low priority and what should we do?
It is becoming more widely recognised that fraud is now recognised as the most common offence type in many countries (including the UK) but is not seen as a priority by governments or law enforcement agencies. It is often still seen as victimless, and yet the available research evidence paints a depressingly serious picture about the consequences. It is far from obvious that the consequences of fraud, which can include financial ruin and often financial hardship are widely understood. Yet for criminals it offers an easy opportunity, often they don’t confront their victims who may not find out about the offence until much after it was committed. In this webinar we will discuss

• The reason why financial crimes remain a low priority
• The potential ways in which financial crimes can be pushed up the priority agenda of governments and law enforcement
• The barriers to recognising the true impacts of financial crimes

Oct 21, 2021 03:30 PM in London

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