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Transforming small cell network deployments with the Dual Distributed Network
The number of small cell deployments is forecasted to exceed 30 million over the next 6 year period to meet the ever growing demand for distributed digital services and 5G deployments. However, traditional deployment and operation models are costly and inflexible. One major constraint is the co-ordination and delivery of separate electrical and fibre optic networks.

KelTech IoT’s Dual Distributed Network (DDN) tackles this challenge through a symbiotic convergence of energy and data. By harnessing KelTech IoT’s fibre optic distribution technology with the capabilities of VoltSever Digital Electricity(TM), the economics of deploying small and micro cells is transformed. Our emphatic design approach of combining data and power in a single integrated solution delivers a CAPEX and OPEX saving of 40-50% and 10-15% respectively.

Join this webinar to learn more about the technology and benefits of the DDN solution, including a case study on a deployed commercial solution.


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