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Data Quality: Why You Should Care About It
Data quality is one of the biggest issues facing the market research industry today. Poor quality can lead to bad decisions and wasted resources, while high-quality data can be game-changing for organizations. The problem many researchers face is what criteria should be used to measure data quality, and why should they care?

At EMI, we take data quality seriously. Not only are we looking at new tools and practices, but we are also testing them regularly through our research-on-research process.

Register for our webinar, Data Quality: Why You Should Care About It, to learn about the best practices in data quality, how they fared when tested, and why you should care about data quality.

In this webinar, you will learn:
• Differences in quality across panels
• Data quality best practices
• Feedback from respondents on why they take surveys, and what it would take to have them participate more
• And much more!


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