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10X Tech Stack: 3 Technologies That Deliver 10 Times the Return for Distributors
Are you looking for technology with a highly predictable, material and nearly immediate return on investment?
Many distributors have necessarily focused on ecommerce and upgrading their ERP – which may not drive enterprise value but are required to compete today.

However, three technology solutions have emerged over the past few years that can have an outsized impact on distributors’ revenue, productivity and profit in months, not years:

• AI-driven cross-sell and reorder recommendation engine
• Pricing and profit improvement
• Email order automation

Your potential return on these technologies is up to 10X your investment.

Individually each of these solutions can have a 100 to 300 basis-point impact on EBITDA, and each additional dollar of profit yields a significant multiple in enterprise value for your company.
Join Distribution Strategy Group on Tuesday, Sept. 29, at 9 PT/Noon ET for a look at:

• What each solution does
• Who provides these solutions
• How they are deployed for ROI in months, not years
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