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Making Yourself Competitive For Tourism and Economic Development Funding
Every DMO, economic development entity, heritage area, municipality and tourism-related nonprofit has one major thing in common — the need for funding to complete amenity-based projects and attract visitors to those amenities. Many of these organizations are responsible for building, maintaining, or promoting assets that highlight the very character of their communities — amenities that make a place appealing to visit or live and develop business opportunities.

So, how do you become competitive when applying for that funding? What can you do as an organization to put yourself out there in the best light possible in preparation for grant applications or funding opportunities?

Showing funders you have a plan to attract end-users, support businesses, or create jobs adds a layer of legitimacy to the hard work you're doing. A marketing strategy for your project, municipality, or organization can help illustrate that legitimacy. Therefore, it's essential to have a nuanced understanding of all the pieces you need to have together NOW to be ready for the application process when funding opportunities present themselves. Throughout this session, attendees will be introduced to the idea of using a marketing strategy to prove sustainability and credibility, how to incorporate this strategy into your grant applications, what you need to prepare to be as competitive as possible, and more.

Topics Covered:
- Reviewing a Heritage Tourism Marketing Strategy and how to synchronize strategies with funding goals.
- Determining your funding goals and plans to reach them
- What are institutions looking for when offering grants?
- What do you need in your toolkit to be ready to apply for funds?
- Tips to stand out on a funding application.


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