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DOH Respirator Fit Test Training for Long Term Care
Welcome to the sign up page for DOH Respirator Fit Test Training for Long Term Care. We look forward to seeing you on a future training session. Before signing up for a webinar, please read the information below:

IMPORTANT: Each attendee must register on their own and join the webinar on their own device. Attendance and participation is required to schedule the Hands-on Fit Test Training session.

Attendees must review materials in advance and prepare questions prior to both the virtual and hands-on training sessions. The virtual training is an opportunity to get answers to your questions about fit testing in your facility prior to receiving hands-on training. We have a limited time to cover a lot of information.

The materials to review are outlined in detail on our website at www.doh.wa.gov/ltcrpp

1. Be familiar with your facility's written respiratory protection program (includes medical evaluation, respirator training, fit testing, recordkeeping, and maintaining respirator supply). If you need help to develop a respiratory protection program for your facility, contact us at HAI-FitTest@doh.wa.gov prior to signing up for training.

2. Be familiar with your facility's fit test kit

3. Read and understand the Safety Standard for Respirators -[WAC: Chapter 296-842] https://lni.wa.gov/safety-health/safety-rules/chapter-pdfs/WAC296-842.pdf
Especially these sections:
- Conducting fit testing -WAC 296-842-15005
- Prevent sealing problems with tight-fitting respirators-WAC 296-842-18010
- Make sure employees leave the use area before removing respirators - WAC 296-842-18010
- Medical evaluations -WAC 296-842-2205
- Fit-testing procedures for tight-fitting respirators - WAC 296-842-22010
- Seal checking respirators - WAC 296-842-2202

4. Complete your medical evaluation and facility's employee respirator training

5. Watch the fit test training videos on our website (www.doh.wa.gov/ltcrpp)

6. Be familiar with donning and doffing all respirators in your facility

Oct 4, 2022 01:00 PM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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