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Why a standard power supply can't be used in a SIF
Power supply is the most critical part of a system: we will clarify the importance of using Safety Power Supply for Safety-related applications.
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Andrea Spolaor
Global Account Manager @G.M. International
Andrea has twenty years’ experience in the sales organisations of middle-size companies, in the machine and process automation market. Data acquisition through bus interface, remote control, signal conditioning, process control, hazardous areas applications are his main area activities. He started and consolidated the market with European partners and participated in joint marketing/promotion activities. Focused on developing strategic relationships at the executive level and throughout the customer's organization. Andrea is FS Eng (TÜV Rheinland, #12228/16, SIS).
Massimo Pagani
Product Manager @G.M. International
Massimo has nine years’ experience in technical support for the installation and use of products related to the process industry. Then, he has over 20 years’ experience in the field of repair and development of devices for consumer electronics. The technical assistance to the customer, the support to the R&D department for the development of new products and the support to the sales and marketing departments are his main area of activities. Massimo is FS Eng (TÜV Rheinland, #20069/20, SIS).