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Action Conversations on Race, Fall 2022/Winter 2023
Action Conversations on Race

On the third Wednesday of every month, YWCA Greater Pittsburgh’s Center for Race and Gender Equity presents Action Conversations on Race, a panel discussion dedicated to racial justice. Featuring local experts and leaders in fields such as equity and diversity, policy change, and advocacy, these conversations are designed to build community and create change.

October 19, 2022: Gender-based Violence and the State
Gender-based violence is often considered an interpersonal or “private” form of violence. Yet, violence against women and LGBTQIA2S+ people is engrained in the U.S. legal, educational, and health systems. In honor of YWCA’s annual Week Without Violence, join us in conversation as we expand our understanding of gender-based violence to include state-sanctioned violence.

November 16, 2022: Fatphobia and Misogynoir
As fatphobic rhetoric continues to escalate within our culture and media, we must recognize its roots in misogynoir and view this prejudice through the lens of race. Join us as we establish actionable steps to combat anti-fat practices in our communities and examine their deep historical and present-day connections to anti-Black racism.

January 18, 2022: Racial Healing
In honor of the National Day of Racial Healing, our conversation considers what it means to heal from racism and how one can gain liberation and intrapersonal power through healing. Unite to Heal PA Ambassadors will discuss how to facilitate meaningful healing conversations on race, the joys of healing practices, why self-care is vital for oppressed communities, and more through an action-oriented perspective.
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