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Becoming a Coveted Speaker: How Authors Can Build Their Speaking Confidence, Land an Agent, and be a Part of Successful Events
There comes a time in many authors’ careers when they feel the pull to take the words they have written on pages and share their stories and expertise with a live audience. Knowing where to begin, though, can be difficult: how should an author start their journey as a speaker? What are best practices for speaking at events, and how can they consistently tie their message back to their book? How can they find and secure the right representation to help bring their speaking career to the next level?

These topics and many more will be addressed in an engaging discussion with two of the leading speaker and author event professionals in the industry. Each has a unique business model and perspective to bring to an informative and fascinating look into the world of speaking. Find out how to grow as an author and add “sought-after speaker” to your resume.


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