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The Future of Cancer Diagnosis and Monitoring
Has a client ever asked if there was a blood test for cancer?

Introducing the Nu.Q Vet Cancer Screening test, a simple, low-cost, easy to use ELISA based screening blood test to be used with the annual wellness check for older dogs (7 years and older), and can also be a complementary test for younger dogs
(4 years and older) with an increased risk for developing cancer in their lifetimes.

Please join the webinar to learn how and when to use the test, how to interpret results, hear about some case studies and more.


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Professor Heather Wilson-Robles
With Professor Heather Wilson-Robles, President of the Veterinary Cancer Society; Veterinary Cancer Specialist at Texas A&M University Hospital; and Chief Medical Officer of Volition Veterinary Diagnostics Development LLC.
Dr Sue Ettinger
Dr Sue Ettinger, aka Dr Sue Cancer Vet; Veterinary Cancer Specialist; International Speaker; Book Author and YouTube Vlogger.