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AxxonSoft: Intelligent Video Analytics - APAC
Explore dimensions of AI-powered video analytics with AxxonSoft, Intel, Seagate and Dell. Join us on Thursday July 2, 2020 at 2pm GMT+8 for the APAC webinar in our series of Intelligent Video Analytics to explore solutions, a must-see keynote, live Q&A, and to learn:
- What is neural network analytics and how does it differ from the classical video analysis approach.
- What kind of tasks can be solved with neural networks even today. AI analytics features used in modern VMS.
- How to maximize performance of neural network–based algorithms employing specialized hardware.
- What data storage system should be used for video surveillance with AI analytics.

Our Speakers:
AxxonSoft: Mukhamed Kazanov, Business Development Director

Intel: Eric Wong, Vision Sales Specialist – Asia Pacific, Internet of Things (IoTG) Sales

Dell Technologies: Harjeet Rekhi, General Manager of Digital Cities (Worldwide)

Seagate: Danny Lim, Head of Global Business Development – Video Surveillance Segment and WiIliam Lu, APAC Enterprise Sales Lead
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