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BE THE BANK really means, "Think" Like the Bank

So, the real question is, how can we be more like the bank? Well, we could start by acting like one. Keep your money moving in different investment vehicles (aside from reserves; don't just let it sit there), use leverage to acquire assets, and charge fees and points when lending. As you’ll learn in this next training series, the ways of being the bank don't stop there. The possibilities are endless, especially when you start using notes and hard real estate assets symbiotically.

As real estate investors, we shouldn't try to "beat" the bank. Not only is it futile, but they're not even the enemy. In fact, many times, it's the bank that enables us to make money. They give us the capital to acquire our properties, do new construction, and provide the permanent financing to get out of our hard money or private money loans.

Without the banks' money, it would have been very difficult to grow my portfolio to its current size, enabling me to provide more rentals to the greater public, and eventually own more real estate in the long-term. Like the old saying goes, “when you can't beat them, join them!”
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